Some enhancements

Dear customer,

We are proud to announce a new wave of technical enhancements of our services.

To increase at maximum speed the surf of your own customers, we used and exclusively deployed the best available free american technology.

All of our servers are full compliant with state of the art leading’s technologies on the market, as well : MySql 5.x, Php 5.2.x and, of course, WordPress 3.5.x are running on our Linux platforms, Mac OS X computers and of also different flavors of MS Windows OSes, including Vista

To gain new customers, to do our best for us, to serve fast and reliable computing industrial processes at low costs ever seen, always let choose “Best Editing”, a subsidiary of Editing Company, a well known brand as a serious quality reference.

If you need help or any tips and tricks, you can suscribe our care plan : in that way, have a look on our website : Best Site Care Program/

If you have any question about how to fit your needs or how to taylor your ilife, please have a call @ [33] (0) 142 776 811. Our french representative Paul, stay at earing distance. Get in touch with this guy, he can build many solutions for french belgian and swiss customers.

Best regard, make your money growth in confidence with us.

Carmel Chumpad